EfD Network

I currently work as Research Director for the (EfD) Environment for Development initiative. The EfD has succeeded in creating a network that provides research and academic capacity building in twelve countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, China, India, Vietnam, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Sweden, United States) in collaboration with researchers based in more than ten Universities and research institutions around the world. As the EfD Research Director, I’m in charge of administering the EfD research fund, evaluating research proposals and papers, and co-editing the EfD Discussion Paper series together with Professor Peter Berck of the University of California Berkeley.

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EfD Discussion Paper Series

Research by EfD researchers and their associates appears initially in the EfD Discussion paper (DP) series. The discussion papers are circulated to the scientific community and interested public worldwide and are available free of charge. The DPs are currently edited by Professor Peter Berck of the University of California Berkeley and Dr. Yonas Alem of the University of Gothenburg. Professional editorial service is provided by International Academic Editorial Services. Submission for the EfD DP series is open members of the EfD network only.

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