Field Work

Credit, LPG Stoves and Charcoal Consumption RCT: Urban Tanzania, Fall 2015 and Fall 2016

Training on how to use LPG stoves, Dar es Salaam

Home visit, Dar es Salaam

Risk Preferences of Parents and Children: Urban Tanzania, Fall 2015

Describing experiments to subjects, Dar es Salaam

Peer Effects on WTP for Solar Lanterns RCT: Uttar Pradesh State, India, Spring 2015

Survey with a  seed household, Gonda, Uttar Pradesh

Handing over a solar lantern, Gonda, Uttar Pradesh


Mind, Behaviour and Health: RCT, Edinburgh, UK, Fall 2014

Saliva sample collection, Edinburgh

Snack choices for subjects, Edinburgh

Technology Adoption, Risk, Time Pref. and Ambiguity Experiments (Lab-in-the-field): Morogoro Region, Tanzania, Summer 2013


Ethiopian Urban Socio-economic Panel Survey – Four Main Urban Centers in Ethiopia, 2008-09

Training Enumerators, Addis Ababa

Field Visit – Addis Ababa

Home visit, Awassa

Home visit, Dessie

Home Visit, Mekelle

Participatory Poverty Assesment – Western and Central Ethiopia, 2004


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