During the past decade, I’ve been teaching graduate level courses in Econometrics and Development Economics at Universities ┬álocated in the different parts of the world. Feel welcome to download the lecture materials below.


Impact Evaluation of Land Interventions

Lec 1 Basic Issues of Evaluation

Lec 2 Randomization

Lec 4 Quasi-exp Appr. II DiD

Lec 5 Quasi-exp Appr. III

Panel Data Econometrics

Panel-Data-Models-I Stat Linear

Panel-Data-Models-II Dyn Linear

Panel-Data-Models-III Stat Non-linear

Panel-Data-Models-IV Dyn Non-linear

Lab-Static and Dynamic LPD

Development Economics:


Lecture 1 Household Economics

Lecture 2 Risk and Ins Dynamic Optimization

Lecture 2 Risk and Ins

Lecture 3 Consq of shocks

Lecture 4 Saving

Lecture 5 Credit

Lecture 6 Technology Adoption I

Lecture 7 Technology Adoption II


Graduate Econometrics

GE Lecture 1 Prob

GE Lecture 2 OLS

GE Lecture 3 OLS

GE Lecture 4 HET

GE Lecture 5 IV

GE Lecture 6 ML

GE Lecture 7 PNL

GE Lecture 8 REV

Applied Econometrics

Lecture 1 OLS

Lecture 2 OLS Ap

Lecture 3 IV

Lecture 4 IV Ap

Lecture 5 BC

Lecture 9 PD

Lecture 10 PD Ap